Factory Units


Bamboo Board Factory

Bamboo Board Factory was established in 1985, to produce value added products using Bamboo mats as the main raw material, thus creating better employment opportunities to the traditional bamboo workers who mostly belong to economically backward classes. Commercial production started in 1990, in single shift and by 1993, due to increased market demand for Bambooply, additional production over and above the targeted production fixed between the Management and the Unions was there. In 1998, the second shift was started and the daily production was doubled.

Now 21,500 square feet (1998 Sq.meter) of Bambooply on 4 mm basis is produced daily on an average in normal conditions of working.


Hi-tech Bamboo Flooring Tile Factory –Nallalam

The Hi Tech Bamboo Flooring Tile Factory was commissioned and inaugurated on 28th February 2011 at Nallalam, Kozhikode by the Hon’ble Minister Shri. Elamaram Kareem with a view to manufacture Hi-Tech Bamboo Flooring Tiles using Bamboo as the main raw material using imported Chinese Technology.The site at Kozhikode was chosen owing to its close proximity to Bamboo Forests such as Nilambur, Wayanad etc. The Tiles are produced mainly in the size of 0.96metres x 0.096 metres and thickness of 15mm and 18 mm.

Types of production

1.Vertical Grains – Natural Colour

2.Vertical grains – Carbonized (Darker shades)

3.Horizontal grains- Natural Colour

4.Horizontal grains - Carbonized (Darker shades)

The installed capacity at the Factory is 1, 44,000 Sq. Metres of Bamboo Flooring per annum.

Using the bamboo waste at the flooring tile factory, by products such as Tooth Picks, Window Blinds and Incense Sticks are being manufactured at Feeder Units of Kadampuzha, Palakkad, and Nadapuram respectively and also at the main Flooring Tile Factory at Nallalam, Kozhikode. The Flooring Tiles are Eco-friendly.

Feeder/Primary Processing Units

Kerala State Bamboo Corporation Ltd. has three Feeder/Primary Processing Units at Palakkad, Mananthawady and Nadapuram for the purpose of processing raw bamboo into strips in various thicknesses by weaving it as Bamboo curtains for the production of Flattened Bamboo Board at its subsidiary unit of Bamboo Board Factory, Angamaly. The waste bamboo, arising out of the above process ranging from 50 to 70% are further used for the manufacturing of value added products like Toothpick, Curtain Blinds, and Bamboo Curtains, Incense Sticks etc.

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In order to utilize full capacity of Factory we have to ensure the prompt supply of Bamboo Mats which is not available in the open market. So the Corporation has taken initiatives for starting up community mat weaving centers in various parts of the state. From 2007 onwards we have started mechanized community mat weaving centers. At Present Corporation is having the following mechanized community mat weaving centers.

No. CMWC Panchayath / Municipality District
1 Angamaly Angamaly Ernakulam
2 Nettinampilly Kalady Ernakulam
3 Kuttichal Ariyanadu Trivandrum
4 Parappuram Kanjoor Ernakulam
5 Chenadu Mangalackal Trivandrum
6 Parappuram (2) Kanjoor Ernakulam
7 Mundangamattom Malayattoor Ernakulam
8 Malayattoor West Colony Malayattoor Ernakulam
9 Veliyannur Vellanad Trivandrum
10 Vadattupara Kuttampuzha Ernakulam
11 Thuravumkara Kanjoor Ernakulam
12 Illithode Malayattoor Ernakulam
13 Manjapra Manjapra Ernakulam

The works of the following CMWC are in progress.

No. CMWC Panchayath / Municipality District
1 Chayikulam Ariyanad Trivandrum
2 Okkal Okkal Ernakulam